10 places to visit in Cheshire

Animal Adventures

1. Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is a fantastic attraction that will keep everyone busy for the whole day. Enjoy seeing the animals and the other attractions such as the huge gardens and the play areas, and you have an easy way to keep the kids happy for the day.

2. Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium is another one of the top activities to enjoy in Cheshire, and it is great for the kids. See many different species of sea creatures in huge tanks and find out more about these incredible animals.

Cheshire Nature

3. Ness Botanic Gardens

These beautiful botanic gardens have won awards in the past, and they are a fantastic attraction when you visit Cheshire. Looking over the Dee Estuary, the gardens are home to a wide range of stunning plants including exotic species from the Himalayan region. Don't miss the excellent herb garden, and the rose garden is also stunning.

4. Macclesfield Forest

This beautiful forest is home to a herd of deer as well as lots of other wildlife, so keep your eyes open during your visit. There are a number of reservoirs here, and the scenery is stunning, making it a fantastic place to go for a walk.

5. Astbury Mere County Park

Enjoy wildflower meadows, stunning views over the Mere and simply exploring this beautiful natural setting. It's the ideal place to go for a walk in the countryside during your time in Cheshire, so explore the footpaths and enjoy the stunning surroundings.

Historical Jaunts

6. National Waterways Museum


Discover more about the waterways of the region in this fascinating museum. See historic boats, the attractive Victorian buildings and more. You can even go on a boat trip and see the blacksmith at work.


7.Paradise Mill


This award-winning museum provides you with insight into the history of the mill trade. The mill has been restored to show you what life was like for the people who worked here many decades ago, and there are also a number of restored working hand looms.


8.Beeston Castle


If you want to visit a historic attraction during your time in Cheshire, Beeston Castle is a great option. This medieval castle is located in one of the most dramatic settings in the country, and the views are spectacular, reaching as far as the Pennines. You can also explore the 40-acre park while you are here.


9. Anderton Boat Lift


This is one of the biggest attractions in Cheshire. You will find it on the River Weaver, and it is well worth exploring. It was built in 1875 to lift boats from the water, and it is an incredible feat of engineering.


10. The Lion Salt Works


This £10 million attraction will provide you with a fascinating insight into salt and how it has been used over the centuries. With films, sound and lighting, it is a fun experience for the whole family.



Come and explore the beautiful county of Cheshire

Cheshire has something to suit all tastes

Have a young family and want to keep the kids entertained for a few hours? Why not take a trip to Chester Zoo and admire all sorts of exotic beasts. Or you could visit Blue Planet Aquarium and get up close and personal to starfish, stingrays and sharks.

If you are a bit of a history buff, then you might enjoy a trip to Beeston Castle or a guided tour around The Lion Salt worksthe last remaining open pan saltworks in Marston.

There are plenty of bountiful gardens to explore and endless country trails and parkland to wander around as well.